Our goal at Dance of the Spirit is to enrich the lives of our online community and impart the feeling that the world is a wonderful, magical, interactive experience. Along the way, if we can make your day more joyful, abundant, and less lonely, we will have gone a long way toward accomplishing our purpose.

The DOTS logo symbolizes many things, including protective angel wings enveloping tired or troubled shoulders, even as it underscores the “inner strength” found at the core of every woman (or man) making their way down life’s road on this earthly journey. It also emphasizes the Power of Love, especially when one chooses to nurture one’s self, symbolized by The Dance of the Spirit.

We are an intergenerational site designed to enhance individual and collective wisdom. We emphasize the supernatural, quantum aspects of the world and encourage everyone (especially women) to seek their own inner knowing while sharing with others.

Spend a few minutes (or a few hours) with us. We hope that your life is better for it: ranging from a simple improvement of mood and the way you approach your day, to a life-changing epiphany . . . or better still, a pivotal moment that changes your point of view about the world and yourself.

Dance of the Spirit endeavors to be a source of continuing education for men and women and young adults.

In addition, we strive to serve those who have already mastered many of life’s lessons and are mentoring others. Subjects will range from ancient and traditional teachings, “news of the weird”, to the latest updates from quantum physics and/or Science and Consciousness research, etc.

In particular, we visualize a wide range of educational experiences (from “101 basic levels” to “Masters” courses) as we focus on embracing an ancient concept, one that proposes common pathways found within the spiritual stages of feminine development: “Maid, Mother, and Crone” …. with the primary reflection of this philosophy being GAIA, our precious Mother Earth.

Let us clearly state that it is not our intent to exclude men at DOTS—Indeed, every human being has a left-right brain—Feminine and Masculine aspects of the Sacred GodHead reside in us all. There is much to be garnered from the information gathered at Dance of the Spirit, no matter what your gender (or age) might be.

Dance of the Spirit is a virtual gathering place for fun facts and entertainment, a “one-stop shopping” experience for a wide variety of inspirational ideas, unusual products, and enlightening information.

Be sure to BROWSE the shopping mall, too! We hope our products enhance the positive aspects of our site, serving as mementos, little treasures that remind you of lessons mastered as a result of being part of our Dance of the Spirit community.

The shopping mall supports the Dance of the Spirit project, an endeavor akin to a ministry of love. Over and Above operating costs, ten percent (or more) of all profits from the general shopping mall will be donated to the Dance of the Spirits FOUNDATION with a focus on environmental causes and women and/or children in need.

If you like DanceoftheSpirit.com please tell your friends. Pay it forward and spread the word! We welcome your feedback, suggestions, questions, and comments at: info@autumnleavespublishing.com


As the founder (and co-owner with her husband RON) of DanceoftheSpirit.com, Executive Editor SANDRA CLINE holds a basic belief about the wonder of life: that there is no sensation more magical or mystical than the surprise of loving and being loved. Sandra has been married to her husband, Ron, for over three decades. She is a mother of two and has been blessed with three grandchildren. Sandra is an avid supporter of pro-literacy organizations and an ardent environmentalist. In the working world, Sandra transitioned from a successful career in radio broadcasting to that of freelance writer; she is also the author of Pug Sheridan, a critically-acclaimed novel. When Sandra decided to write Pug Sheridan, a story about the indestructible soul of female friendship, she found that her formative years (while growing up in Alabama) had forged an undeniable truth, one that she found lodged within her heart …. that EVERYONE, without exception, is tied to the land and to each other, across the world and beyond. After publication, Pug Sheridan quickly became a cross-over genre, appealing to teens AND an adult, mainstream audience. Print reviews for Sandra’s book have been more than kind, e.g. “The book’s believability kept me reading late into the night. The human element rings true, as does the mystical”  . . . “Sandra Cline’s tale of a rural Alabama trapped between two centuries in the days leading up to World War I is romantic, spiritual and soothing. But it burns with something deeper – – a social conscience that crosses generations.” If you are interested in reading Sandra’s novel, QUICK CLICK on the book icon below:

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KIM HANSON is the marketing coordinator for DOTS. She is also a key assistant to Sandra Cline (Sandra’s “Number One”) and a contributing writer for Dance of the Spirit. Kim is a maiden in her spiritual feminine journey, (regarding Maid, Mother, & Crone), and yet we are pleasantly reminded that she has had the opportunity to contemplate ideas much further along in the feminine spiritual journey. Kim obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The University of New Mexico in 2007, and has worked in the film industry — doing everything from set design & makeup for indie films — to production office and background acting in feature films. Kim intends to write award-winning screenplays one day, and wishes to see her dazzling visual worlds on the big screen. She enjoys doing anything creative including — writing, photography, interior design, and of course reading! Kim has learned that a person needs nothing more than the love and support of those closest to them, and the belief in one’s heart that “you can do anything if you believe in yourself.” A dreamer at heart, Kim finds visiting fantasy lands her number one hobby.


DOTS is honored to have PARI NOSKIN TAICHERT be part of our team. She is a critically-acclaimed writer whose works include many great reads, among them the Sasha Solomon mystery adventure series: THE CLOVIS INCIDENT — now available on Kindle and in other e-book formats, THE BELEN HITCH, and THE SOCORRO BLAST. (Also available at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere!)  To learn more about Pari, go to: www.parinoskintaichert.com AND/OR www.leftcoastcrime.org/2011 AND/OR www.murderati.com

Tonya Edgecomb

TONJA EDGECOMB is a psychic intuitive and healing practitioner. She graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in education. Through a program of self-directed study and independent research she has studied metaphysical science and comparative religion. She became a certified hypnotherapist at the New England School of Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a member of The American Association of Holistic Health and The National Guild of Hypnotists. Tonja brings 24 year of teaching experience and curriculum development to her practice. She leads workshops, seminars and classes for people of all ages. She is a holistic life coach and spiritual teacher. She produces a weekly inspirational podcast with an international audience. She strives to meet the unique needs of each client while working with them to achieve their individual goals for more satisfying lives. Tonja is an ordained minister, wife, mother and grandmother. She is an avid reader and gardener. For more info about Tonja, you can QUICK CLICK the following links:


http://tonjaedgecombhypnosis.com AND/OR

http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/im-the-inspirational-message/id283696169 AND/OR


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DOTS executive editor Sandra Cline knows ALAN KINNER personally. This she knows to be true: Alan is truly a wise soul with High Intention—his goal is to raise the vibration of the planet—thus helping as many people as possible. He often does this with no small amount of humor—EXHIBIT A: Alan’s wonderful, hand-painted HUMOR ROCKS!

Alan has a god-given Gift—one that has allowed him to connect with the “other” world since childhood. This curiosity ultimately led him upon an unusual path—he has studied the art of metaphysics throughout his life and has professionally practiced as a psychic-intuitive for over 25 years.

By way of witty, insightful, and creative readings, Alan has brought spiritual insight to clients located across the world. BTW, he was also a featured channeler for “Sedona Magazine” !!!

Alan enjoys creating a sacred space which nurtures and honors each person’s Soul Journey—ensuring an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Alan’s horoscopes and personal readings are intended to help you open your awareness—-and remind you of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

For mote detailed information about Alan Kinner—his Services (including phone readings!), his Humor Rocks, and more—please visit his awesome website: http://www.alankinner.com/



NICOLE MILLAR is a contributing writer for Dance of the Spirit. Nicole obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in 2010. She worked as the production manager and as a fiction editor for the university’s Cypress Dome Literary Journal and has taken a year off to pursue various internships and writing opportunities before returning to school for her Master’s Degree. Nicole believes that the most important thing to remember, and the easiest thing to forget, is that we must always live for our own dreams and never let the disbelief of others overpower the magic that we are capable of.


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After graduating from Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH with a Bachelor of Arts degree in commercial art, SUSAN MARROTTE has continued to pursue a career in art and writing, life-long passions. She has always trusted that the Universe is unfolding as it should while embracing the saying: “Wherever you are, BE the soul of that place.”After being widowed while still a young woman, Susi took a job as a traveling art teacher, working with a wide age range of students (kindergarten thru middle school). She taught many eager children for almost a decade. Eventually, Susan remarried and merged two families. Today, Susi is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner and Soul Therapy Practitioner. She lives in a beautiful home “in the woods” where she and her husband also run two small service-oriented businesses. Susi’s daughters are adults and aspiring professionals. Her sons are in High School and she has two grandsons who she says are “the sunshine in my sky”. Recently, Susan resumed a divinely-inspired, hand-painted clothing business called “Art4Life”. It’s a unique venture that incorporates spirituality, nature, light, love and peace. God and Nature are Susi’s inspirations and LIFE is her teacher. Susi is also a Phase-1 certified Angel Practitioner. Here is a quote by Susan that sums up her beautiful spirit: “Before we are born, a space is created that is never complete. It is always renewing and beginning again—Revolving and Evolving—Re-creating and Co-creating—Merging and Blending—Gaining and Sharing Knowledge. It is separate yet connected—ONE forever. One Never Ends in the great Exhibit of Life!”



CAROL MILLER’s passion and purpose is to have a positive impact on millions of people empowering them to live the life of their dreams through her positivity advising, thought leadership, and Law of Attraction expertise, while being a beacon of light shining positivity on all those she meets.

Carol’s background includes years of public relations/marketing, organizational management, event planning, and a lifetime of writing and inspiring people.

Carol’s Motto: “Live Big, Love Big, Dream Big.”

Ms. Miller is the founder and Chief Positivity Officer of “Positive Focus”, a non-profit organization that’s purpose and passion is to share the impact of positivity on living your life fulfilled by providing inspiring, empowering, and enriching mind-body-spirit, service-charity, and fun-social events allowing each person to see love over fear, abundance over lack, diversity over differences, and peace over conflict.

One initiative in realizing the “Positive Focus” mission was in creating “Global Free Hugs”, where people around the world come together to spread love and kindness one hug a time. “Global Free Hugs VI” is being held May 7th and 8th.

For more information about Carol’s work and ongoing projects, visit: www.positive-focus.com


ROWENA PATTEE KRYDER, M.F.A., Ph.D., now deceased, was the author of ten amazing books and three divination decks. Rowena was dedicated—assisting people in awakening to their true being and divine essence. She did this through workshops and readings, along with her books and DVDs. Rowena loved life, gardening, and beauty in all realms, including animals. Because of the  intense time of change we live in, she particularly delighted in helping people with techniques of relaxation, then focus and honest expression. Dr. Kryder’s books include: “Sophia’s Body: Seeing Primal Patterns in Nature”, “Robes of Light: Nine Egyptian Light Bodies”, “Source: Visionary Interpretations of Creation Myths”, “Sacred Ground to Sacred Space”, “Emerald River of Compassion, Tiger and Dragon I Ching”, “The Faces of the Moon Mother and Destiny”. Rowena’s divination card decks include “Gaia Matrix Oracle”, “Vibrational Healing Cards” and the “Co-Creation Code Deck”.

Celestial Elf photo

Celestial Elf’s writings and beautiful, inspiring and informative “Environmental Machinima” films are seeds of light and wisdom.

DOTS encourages you to visit his blog “THE DANCE OF LIFE” at: http://celestialelfdanceoflife.blogspot.com/

You can also read an interview with Celestial Elf via a QUICK CLICK: http://www.planetshifter.com/node/1813



SARAH CEDARS was a primary (and invaluable) catalyst for the idea behind (and the creation of) DanceoftheSpirit.com. SARAH is still wondering what she wants to be when she grows up. Sarah was raised in rural New Mexico, where her adventure-loving father imbued her with a love of nature and the outdoors, and her mother taught her about magic and grace. She married her high school sweetheart and they have now been together for 30 years. In spirit, they are still “newlyweds.” Sarah and her husband have one daughter, who is now a mother herself. She considers spending time with her grandson to be the high point of every week.  Sarah’s first career was in nursing, where she specialized in drug and alcohol rehab. After spending ten years in the medical field, she became restless and, craving adventure, started taking flying lessons. Ultimately she landed a job as a pilot with a major U.S. Airline, where she flew for over 15 years before losing her medical certificate due to an inner ear problem and subsequently retiring. Sarah is always on a quest for fun and education, and in her travels has spanned several continents, from racing sailboats across the Sea of Cortez to trekking in Peru to dining on reindeer in Helsinki. (Don’t worry kids, it wasn’t Rudolf.) Sarah adores the study of spirituality, talking with her girlfriends about abstract ideas and seeking out interesting and “out there” people, places and things. She loves the calmness and wisdom she has attained with age, and intends to spend the next 50 years in study and travel.