My inner light

Author and activist Marilyn Mackenzie captured the essence of 3-d Earth, day-to-day Energy-Exchange (both positive and negative) when she wrote: “Life is like an artist’s canvas, blank at the beginning of each new day. As we awake, our canvas life awaits us, blank until we decide which colors to splash upon it. Today, our painting can be asymmetrical. Tomorrow, our canvas may end the day as a portrait, with lines of experience etched on the brow. Our life’s canvas can be our own design, or we can allow others to add their touches, making our life a community project. The key to life is in knowing which others to allow to add their finishing touches to our life’s canvas. Will we allow only those who look at life darkly to add their designs? Or will we seek out lighthearted and loving souls to add highlights?”

It’s true that our own personal energies naturally adapt to the energies of those around us. Whenever we go out with good and positive friends, our spirits feel joyfully high and soar freely because the energies of our friends are alive and vibrant, resonating with our own.

Likewise, if we go to work only to find that a co-worker is quieter than usual and seems out-of-sorts or sad, then our own energies adapt to those of our co-worker. While we might (most days) be chatty or chipper with that person, we suddenly feel ourselves becoming more reserved and silent in order to maintain the balance of energies between ourselves and that friend.

We have all walked into the office smiling, only to wipe the grin from our faces as we realize that our good mood is not so welcome amidst the crowd of coffee-needers, complainers, and bad-day-havers. As uncomfortable as it may feel to adapt to that negative energy, an imbalance of energies feels far too unnatural—we adapt to avoid tension and conflict.

But, there are also times in our lives when the negative energy affecting our personal space doesn’t feel quite so temporary—when the people around us (our family or friends, or anyone we live with or often interact with) are consistently feeling “low” or “blue”, mad or sad, it can be hard to keep our own heads above the watermark called “joyful”.

The energies that surround us can slowly take over the energies that fill us. And before you know it, our sunny disposition begins to feel dark, gloomy, and pessimistic. The worst part of the emotional cycle is when you realize that your mood has begun to change your personality, and you sink even further into feeling miserable—down into the abyss of depression.

It’s no surprise to most of us that you can often solve your energy-vampire problems by simply steering clear of Negative-Nancies. But life doesn’t always give us that choice. We might find ourselves living in a home full of tension—or perhaps we work in an environment that plays host to bitterness and stress.

We might be living with depressed roommates, or find that our closest friends regularly fall into funks of pessimism and aggravation. Whatever the case, the world does not always give us the opportunity to leave a negative environment.

Ultimately, the choice is ours: 1) we can give-in to the negativity or 2) consciously find survival mechanisms to navigate the Shadowlands.

Inner Glow

From personal experience (often years at a time of it), I know how difficult it can be to survive repeated nights of falling asleep to the unsettling vibrations of negative energy only to awaken to the disconcerting sounds of negative energy, renewed and re-kindled.

I also know how hard it is to maintain a smile on your face in the interim. It is natural to find our moods getting darker and darker as our time living in these kinds of environments continues—day in, day out.

More often than not, we don’t even realize how we are being affected—that is, until we are already engulfed by the bleakness emanating from others. As a result, we feel frustrated by our own lack of control.

Last Light

This realization is followed by the dark questions of self-doubt: How can anyone (ME, for instance) possibly remain happy when everyone around me is not? Will this situation get better even if the others involved show no signs of change or express the will or desire to change? What is my duty to myself here? I know that a joyful life awaits me—how do I make my way to it?

As spiritual beings having a HUMAN experience, we often become products of our environment—out of sheer frustration and exhaustion, there are times when it feels as though there is nothing left to do but sulk and/or lash-out at those we perceive are responsible for our crankiness. (At least, that’s what we tend to tell ourselves.)

In his book “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” (a DOTS 5-star recommendation), Eckhart Tolle writes beautifully about what he calls “the pain body” . . . . within our pain-body resides patterns of behavior that each of us carries within ourselves.

As someone who has survived various environments which have been extremely high in negative energy, I can tell you with absolute certainty that we are NOT at the mercy of our environment—at least not as much as we would have ourselves think.

Staying (or becoming) positive in such dark places is a constant battle, to be sure; however, it is NOT an unattainable goal. It can be a long road filled with trial, error, and tribulation but each of us can find/create our own brand of “soul-lifting”—coping strategies that work for our own particular situation.

I find solace within the energy radiated by bright and happy music. No matter where I am, I can put on my headphones, play a happy song, and transport myself to a bright and peaceful place.


For others, it could be something just as simple—such as consciously telling yourself to “stop for a second and take a deep breath” before entering a particularly stressful room.

For another, peace and tranquility may be found by reading a few pages of an inspiring book, or by keeping a personal diary to reflect on your thoughts, including your own changes in mood as they respond to your surroundings. (Regarding personal journals: try ending each entry with a notation about something your are grateful for—a spark of magic can be found in such moments and affirmations.)

Whenever you find yourself needing an energetic hug, take a few moments to call a good friend—one that you know will support you and raise you up.

One of my personal favorite strategies: enjoying a quick walk outside. Nothing clears the mind better than fresh air, a watercolor sunset, the brush of a fragrant breeze across your cheek, the aroma of blooming flowers, or the sound of children happily playing.

Try thinking of your challenging efforts to raise your overall vibration (the only energetic vibration you can truly influence) this way: by breaking through the “Shadowlands” with Seeds of Light and a Joyful Spirit, by creating little rainbow arcs using your own, well-earned positive energy, you are helping everyone else around you—-this is a natural by-product of energetic resonance. It occurs whenever you allow your special “sunshine-song” to be heard by others—it echoes out into the world and radiates with the sacred, Universal Hum, the OM of the Great Spirit that unites us all.

This world and beyond—-ALL THAT IS—-is subsequently raised up and brightened a notch or two or three.

The same cosmic law applies when you’re getting ready to do something scary—-such as giving a speech in front of a huge audience or skydiving for the first time. The adrenaline (and fear) can either paralyze you or propel you into GREATNESS. Fight or Flight—-it’s all up to you!

So, if and when you find yourself “stuck” in a place of sadness, frustration, and negativity, take a moment to pause and think before you forfeit your shining, positive spirit to the negative energies ebbing away at your patience and strength.

If you are feeling trapped between the worlds that exist within you and without you, dare to take that first step towards acknowledging and embracing the light that already exists inside of you.

As that old gospel goes: “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Yeah my friend, let it shine brightly, vanquishing the dimming shadow-world. The darkness and the light cannot co-exist if YOU will it so. It only takes a tiny flame (or a single smile) to brighten up a room—even if you are the only one who notices.

If the negative energy has already made its way into your heart, take a moment to step outside (literally if necessary) and re-evaluate your choices. Happiness can exist in the darkest of places—even if it has been forgotten.

Only YOU hold the power to remember JOY. And only you can turn the bullets buzzing by your head (in the form of negative darts) into soaring white birds, flying free in a peaceful sky.

The good news: YOU GET TO CHOOSE the colors that you paint your world. Find your “safe place”—a quiet space where you can center and ground yourself. Then, go back out into the world and paint the canvas of your life, one broad stroke at a time.

Bright Blessings,