Contentment is conditional to our connections and yet the act of connecting is completely unconditional! We are never forced to connect.
We are free to do so AT WILL.

To be free of discontent is juxtaposed to our inner connections. To be infused with contentment correlates to our main Source connections on a daily basis. Once you have true contentment, nothing else suffices. It is like having a Tootsie Pop without the gooey chocolate center, nothing compares. I don’t know about you, but the end result, the gooey center, is definitely worth the act of the will!

The other day in my mental musings I thought, why can’t it be that easy? I am a light bulb, screw me in. Someone pick me up, put me in the socket and then I will glow. I am all “screwed up” because I have come unscrewed and what are you going to do about it? My first thoughts projected me outside of myself. Who is going to fix me? It isn’t like it happens overnight either or it is apparent to the outside world, but it is self evident that we have become unconnected just by that
“I don’t feel right feeling.”

Our body flows with our environment. It has a rhythm and syncopation that lets us know when we are a little off beat or a little flat. Sometimes we get so entangled in a disconnected web of “living life” that we are unaware that we have come undone.

Or, perhaps it is Ego taking over the driving seat. Whatever the scenario for you, it happens here on 3-D Earth. However, there is sun on the horizon and the
Tree of Life is waiting to shade you.

As we slowly make the conscious effort to connect with God Source, little by little, step by step, the insidious, undone, unplugged, unglued, “screwed up” feelings that manifest via our emotions gently fall away and ALL THINGS BECOME NEW!

Many Moons ago I was told by a Spiritual Advisor that long-term stressors of any kind is likened to frazzled electrical wiring. There simply isn’t enough circuited “connection” to turn on the light. The solution lies in putting the electrical components and wires back in alignment and on track so that our hard-wired brain’s “light sockets” work properly; it is then that we can begin to make valuable, conscious, positive changes toward a path of peace and wholeness.

For today, connect your wires to Source. Hot-wire them if you have to, one by one. Let the Creator know that you are ready to be reconnected.

Above all, Be Gentle with Yourself. Release and Surrender all unwanted stress, worry, and dis-ease back to Source, allowing the Breath of Love and Peace to permeate your being.

Commit, Connect and Believe. It is so! In light, love and service…
Susi <3