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Dear Friends,
I know it’s been a long time since I’ve sent
out an official DOTS newsletter.Most DOTS activity has been ongoing either at our main site ( or our rapidly growing
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It’s taken me a while to get my groove-thing back after a complicated domestic move involving 3 states…LONG STORY. That said, I welcome my favorite season: FALL!
As L.M. Montgomery put it in her novel
Anne of Green Gables” :
“I’m so glad I live in a world where
there are Octobers.”
I get a lot of questions at
Dance of the Spirit regarding how best to develop one’s intuition or overall sense of the mystical—how  to knowingly attune to the natural mysteries of the world, the MAGIC that surrounds each and every one of us within any Moment of Now.
Autumn is the best time to attune to Nature. Why? Because the Fall season brings with it
a special energetic vibration. Have you ever
heard the following expression? :
“The veil between the worlds is thinnest on (or near) All Hallow’s Eve,  a.k.a. Halloween.”

I love awakening to the mystical glow that Autumn exclusively brings, little gifts of light that I pull into my being like sacred treasures. I also relish the creeping fog, offering each of us an enhanced sense of mystery.Yes indeed, each Fall day….no, actually each second of this precious season we call AUTUMN offers us an opportunity to embrace the pregnant possibilities within this Moment of Now, even as we hope for and anticipate

an unusual harvest, one that includes elements of the magical, and the numinous.
I will always remain spellbound and Enchanted by the month of October—a unique time when
Nature bursts with beauty,
as if She’s been saving up all year for a Grand Finale.
So, Dear Kindreds:
Sandra (Sandy) Cline
founder and exec editor for
Dance of the Spirit
Win NEW “Lord of the Rings” DVD Trilogy
Today, DOTS announces its
2013 Halloween Essay Contest!We’re looking for REAL LIFE (TRUE) stories of the paranormal–a descriptive, detailed, and animated summary–of your own experience, or that of someone you know.Paranormal subject matter for this Essay Contest is wide-open: doppelgangers, shadow people, ghosts, black-eyed kids, reptilians, werewolves, big foot, hollow earth, Mothman, mountain monsters, Poltergeists, Interdeminsional Portals….you get the idea, anything and everything spooky, creepy, or surreal, the kind of thing
you’d tell around a campfire
as it burns and crackles in darkened woods.Your story must be true to the best of your knowledge. One writer to another: Give your essay a great title and take the time to run a typo and/or spell check.SIMPLY PUT: The creepiest real-life story, told-well, WINS the LOTR dvd trilogy!

(By entering this contest, you also give us the right to publish your story at
Dance of the Spirit.)

Entry Deadline: Midnight on Halloween
(October 31st, 2013)

NOTE: One Entry per Person limit.

Send All Essay Contest Entries via E-MAIL
(Subject Heading: DOTS ESSAY CONTEST) to:

The Second Place essay will win an autographed copy of my novel “PUG SHERIDAN”. More Info:
Amazon Link


“A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” Gandalf the Gray




From “The Responsible Pet Ownership Blog”: “The jubilant holiday known as Halloween is a great time to be a kid or a fun-loving adult.”Halloween is not, however, a particularly good time to be a black cat. Like ghosts, bats, jack-o’ lanterns, skeletons and witches, black cats are a classic Halloween symbol.

“The difference is that black cats are also living beings. This opens the door to all sorts of problems for the black cat, ranging from teenage mischief to outright cruelty, to people using real black cats as part of their “spooky”

Halloween décor.

“It can be hard for responsible pet owners to fathom how such things could occur, because we’d never dream of doing them ourselves. It’s not hard for your local animal shelter to imagine, though, because many of them have seen it firsthand.”The threat of danger to black cats on Halloween became so prevalent that a decade or so ago, many shelters instituted a policy that still stands today: no black cat adoptions
during the entire month
of October. . . “READ MORE on this all-important topic with a QUICK CLICK now:BLACK CAT MYTH
DOTS invites you to take a ONE MINUTE break within this Moment of Now to watch a FUN video, one that recreates the legendary Michael Jackson
short film “Thriller”
using LEGOS!!!Quick Click:
LEGOS “THRILLER” LINKThis particular film is by
Annette Jung
(Talking-Animals, Berlin)
To see more amazing work by this talented group, see:

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