“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein


Some days it seems that Mother Earth is angry. Perhaps to many it appears as though she is angry with us—-humankind. Such thoughts and feelings are understandable but let’s take a closer look at what’s happening….

It’s true that environmental scientists have, for the most part, been unable to fully explain the increasing number of heavy storms, flooding and tornadoes of recent months/years. Last year’s earthquakes in Japan captured our rapt attention, along with our prayers. Soon afterward, news of natural disasters in the American South made worldwide news. Our TV’s reflected the faces of “brothers and sisters”, people just like us, engaged in a day-to-day, challenging struggle to recover and rebuild their lives.

For those of us who consider ourselves “intuitive”, speaking the “language” of Earth (Gaia) has become increasingly difficult. As we, the people of Earth, become aware of the physical and energetic repercussions of major oil spills, nuclear fallout, the dying coral reefs and the extinction of other species, along with the increasing violence around the world (affecting the vibration of our Collective Consciousness), it’s high time that we acknowledge the healing that Mother Earth needs for herself.

A few decades ago, we humans were concerned about a hole in the ozone layer. It was a legitimate concern which spawned the ban of aerosol sprays—believed to be worsening the problem. It was around that time that something miraculous occurred—Earth, in her eternal wisdom, manifested a super-sized volcanic explosion.

Although our efforts were bearing fruit and we (as a human collective) pitched-in to repair the ozone, in the end, it was the volcanic ash that did the most to close the gaping atmospheric hole. This truth underscores a basic understanding that Mother Earth indeed knows what she’s doing—even if it means that Gaia’s Intelligence (and remedial prescriptions) can sometimes be hard on us.

The balance that Gaia strives to maintain is one of destruction or disruption for new growth. Again and again, throughout the eons of time, the Earth has striven to provide what it is she needs to continue to survive and thrive. And ultimately, what the Earth needs is what we ALL require to maintain LIFE for ourselves, as well as, all of the other species we share Gaia’s “body” with.

Bottom-line, it’s quite possible that everything we think, feel and act upon (individually and collectively) is part of (and affects or provokes) Gaia’s cycles, including natural disasters. If you think about it, this idea isn’t that far-fetched. Animals reflect this connection daily, sometimes in profound ways: About 5 years ago, on the coastline of India, the locals came to realize (after the fact) that long before a major Tsunami hit the area, there had been no elephants within a 6-mile-radius of the disaster zone. [The elephants knew, prior to the problem becoming obvious to humans, that the title wave was coming; they headed for high ground with time to spare.]

Might we have the same, perhaps recessed, ability to connect to Mother Earth—innate instincts that elephants (and all other animals) apparently have? Might this “frequency” transmit both ways—from Gaia to us and from us to Gaia??? We believe that’s a real possibility—a profound one that is worth pondering. Skeptical? Check out The Princeton-based Global Consciousness Project:

After a natural disaster event, everyone (at least at first) feels helpless and saddened by the devastation—so many lives are often lost and that becomes a heartbreaking reality for the entire world.

Ultimately, it’s hard to say, with clarity or certainty, whether we (our collective global consciousness) affects Gaia’s natural cycles, including the intense events; however, as Albert Einstein proved, energy (thoughts and feelings and intention being a kind of energy) and matter are intricately related. The idea of Global/Gaia interconnected Consciousness is a track that scientists, like those at Princeton, will have to research further before we find definitive answers.

For now, it’s important to learn, accept, and acknowledge Nature on her level. We may never make sense of the chaos, but we can certainly do a better job when it comes to caring for our shining planet and for each other—By doing so, in the end, we may learn to live more harmoniously with Gaia…on whose body we all reside.

Always look to the blessings that Mother Earth provides; we can do this even as we bridge our own differences between one another. We all desire healing and an end to suffering—the same is true for Gaia.

It is our great wish that someday we will ALL learn to live together, humans and Mother Earth, guided by a natural harmony of conjoined consciousness—the kind of Synergy of Spirit that God intends for us to awaken to.

“Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.”
Karle Wilson Baker

Loving hugs to everyone….We pray that you find your own peace.
Marylynn & Sandy