While sitting in a park in his home country, this Tibetan monk was moved to bless the wild deer that gathered ‘round him. Someone snapped a picture, and when they looked at it, a rainbow had appeared…Never underestimate the magic and power of gratitude and kindness, with both animals and other human beings.

This encounter says a lot about thought/intention and how it is reflected in manifest reality in our 3-d world. It is also important to note how these wild animals responded to this gentle monk’s vibration of LOVE.

I have had similar experiences with wild animals and believe that we ALL will begin to have such encounters as our awareness increases in conjunction with a decrease in fear and hostility. There are many articles at the DOTS Home Site that focus on issues such as this including one of my own entitled “The Bobcat and Me”: http://danceofthespirit.com/thoughtforms/the-bobcat-and-me/

NAMASTE All, Sandy Cline for DOTS